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Country isn’t, skanky shorts a tied up plaid shirt that your boobs are about to pop out of and some boots, Country isn’t in your closet its in your blood.
I would gladly give up my Christmas if it meant the kids in Connecticut could live to experience another one
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My partial wedding playlist

Even though we haven’t set a date yet, I’ve been working on a playlist I think it really fits our style because we are down home southern people, my best friend and future sister in law[I’m engaged to her brother lol] Came up with a great ideal for the song that we walk in to after the wedding, if your wanting to do a country ish wedding I mean we are getting married at a family members log cabin [talk about a happy camper here] This playlist could help you out with your own wedding.

Til my last day-The first dance
Fore she was momma-Mother son dance
My little girl-Father daughter dance[which is actually going to be my uncle because my daddy don’t dance]
Friends in low places-Song we walk in to after the wedding

Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You- Brooks and Dunn
Bella’s Lullaby-What I’m walking down to during the wedding
Forest Gump Theme song-what my girl[s] are walking down to during the wedding
All my rowdy friends have settled down-garter toss
Single Ladies-Bouquet Toss

There are a bunch more, I got to thinking about it if you are a Shine Down fan, an amazing mother son dance song could be Simple man even if you use the org. version of the song, I found a song by three days grace that if your a rocker would be a perfect first dance, it’s called “Lost in you” There are so many things that you can do, I will post the full list later on but this is a preview tell me what you think,